Welcome To QuantaPro.net  
  As a leading designer and manufacturer of liquid handling products, Biohit recognises the need to provide anyone who needs to check and calibrate pipettes, from end users to pipette service companies, with a range of software to ensure the ongoing performance of their pipettes.

The Quanta range of software has been designed to offer a tailor-made solution whatever your requirement for calibration and pipette service software.
The suite of Quanta software:
  • Meets ISO 8655, DIN 12650, ISO 9000, ISO 17025 and GLP requirements
  • Can be used with your current calibration protocols
  • Connects to any balance supporting RS232 protocols; controls and collects calibration data automatically from the balance
  • Provides automatic calculations on inaccuracy and imprecision
  • Produces calibration reports and optional reports
  • Provides calibration specifications in accordance with manufacturer's specifications, ISO8655 maximum permissable errors or user-defined specifications
  • Allows you to service your pipettes, recording exactly what has been done, what has been fitted in the way of spares, cost of maintenance etc...
  • Maintains a complete service and calibration history
  • Provides online user assistance, wizards and comprehensive user manual
  • Network capable